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Service voucher: back massage 45 min.


back massage


Back, shoulder and neck are massaged.

The muscles are relaxed and the tensions are processed.

The back massage or massages in general are among the oldest healing methods to remove painful back problems and blockages. Many cultures developed their own forms and techniques and gave the massage a very personal touch.

There are many causes of back pain / discomfort. In our society in particular, stress, excessive demands, fears or incorrect posture of the spine and incorrect stress (e.g. at the workplace) are among the main causes. Lack of exercise is also a crucial factor, which is why many people suffer from back pain.

The mentioned causes of back problems often trigger tension in the muscles. The muscles lose their elasticity and harden. This results in back pain.

With a back massage, the muscle tension is released under the various handles and also under heat. Through stimuli, such as stretching, the tension in the muscle decreases and it loosens. This results in an improved blood flow to the body and it is supplied with oxygen again.

A back massage also has positive effects on a mental and psychological level. A professional massage can, among other things, minimize depressive moods, reduce anxiety or help you sleep better. This is due to the release of the happiness hormones, the "endorphins", which also reduce stress in the body and automatically strengthen the immune system.

Back massage 45 min.

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