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Service voucher: candle massage 60 min.


massage candles

for the whole body



Massage candles with different scents: vanilla dream, lavender field, sandalwood and fruit cocktail.

Cares for the skin and relaxes with pleasant warmth.

Warm feel-good magic with a triple wellness effect: massage, fragrance & light!

Turns into fragrant massage oil when lit: the wellness candle pampers you in three ways. Romantic light, bewitching fragrance and a rich, soothing massage oil.

Relaxation for body, mind and senses.

The candle massage has a relaxing effect and the seductive fragrance also creates a wonderful atmosphere.

At the same time, the oil cares for your skin with natural fats and pleasant warmth. Simply choose your favorite fragrance: soothing lavender, sweet vanilla, refreshing fruit cocktail or tart sandalwood.

Luxury candle massage 60 min.

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