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Voucher for a soothing hand massage


The hand massage is a relaxing wellness treatment and a relaxing massage for the hands. An answer to the question of why a hand massage can be so incredibly effective is provided by a look at the exact nature of the back of the hand, palm of the hand and forearms, which are often also included in the application. With the countless nerve endings, this area of the body is particularly sensitive and at the same time particularly "grateful" for tender touches. The signal for such a touch stimulus is passed on directly by the hand and can therefore provide a deep relaxation, which is noticeable throughout the body. Another beneficial effect can be explained by promoting blood circulation in this area: Many people are familiar with the phenomenon of cold feet and hands. In contrast to the torso, such as the abdomen and buttocks, the extremities such as arms and hands are particularly susceptible to poor circulation. Hand massages provide a local increase in blood circulation due to the gentle kneading and stroking, which even helps to minimize the "cold hands" effect when used regularly. And finally there are so-called reflex zones in the hand area as well as in the foot area. If these specific points are stimulated during a hand massage, the corresponding organs can also be positively influenced.


Duration: 30 min.

Price: € 29.00

Soothing hand massage 30 min.

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